Has Downton Abbey inspired the world of fashion?

The aristocratic Crawley family have been grasping our attention since the first episode aired in 2010. If you are a fan (like myself) you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Downton Abbey.

It is no secret that I am completely obsessed with this elegant period drama that has taken the nation by storm. As an absolute fashion nut I am mesmerised by the stunning costumes. Sunday night comes around, myself and my friend Becky are engrossed in admiration, ‘If only we could dress like that for one day’. Even if you are not a fan of the drama filled script you cannot deny how fundamentally beautiful each character looks.  

My question to you. Has Downton Abbey inspired the world of fashion?

My blunt answer, yes. However I think our passion for British fashion culture has always been around but it has now been highlighted to the masses. You don’t have to be an indulgent fashionista to appreciate authentic style. I am not surprised that the fashion world has gone mad for all things Downton, the popularity of the series has created an immediate demand for early 20th century fashion.

While the origins of this trend may be rooted in history, it has been interpreted with a little artistic flare to keep things up to date. I have focused on the details to bring the trend to life throughout my wardrobe: equestrian-style collars, pearls, silk, tweed, delicate lace, rich fabrics and of course empire waisted dresses. Below is one of my favourite shirts to wear at the moment. The ruffled collar gives an elegant, rich feel but isn’t overpowering. A very subtle take on the Downton trend.

Shirt: Lauren by Ralph Lauren




If you are looking for affordable, authentic pieces then I suggest heading to vintage shops or searching eBay. However with this being a key trend this season we are fortunate enough to find modern alternatives all over the high street. HOORAY!

It’s no wonder that Susannah Buxton (costume designer for the first two series) won an Emmy for the Downton costumes. I am ashamed to say I didn’t even noticed a change in costume design after series two. Usually if someone as key as a costumer designer is changed you would of thought a ‘Downton Geek’ like me would of noticed. So I must say I have a great amount of admiration for current costumer designer Caroline McCall, who clearly deserves to be recognised for her efforts as well.

How could you not be inspired by the regal, charming men and women of Downton?!







All photos from: www.itv.com/downtonabbey

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