My Nail Polish Diary by Nails Inc

The Nails Inc polish diary was available at John Lewis and obviously I had to have it. I basically dived at the shelves when I saw that it was on sale, half price. The bonus of shopping in the January, from £42 down to £21. Anyone who is a fan of Nails Inc knows how much of a bargain that is for 12 full size polishes.

I will start by saying how beautifully packaged it is, the sparkling box is mesmerising and very stylish.


In the diary there are a range of plain colours, effect polishes and a quick drying top coat.


January: Kensington Caviar Top Coat. Shiny clear finish.

February: St Martin’s Lane. Dark wine gloss.

March: Baker Street. Bright cobalt blue gloss.

April: Sloane Avenue. Bright pink/coral gloss.

May: Fulham Palace Gardens. Sprinkle effect.

June: Chester. Feather effect.

July: Notting Hill Gate. Neon pink gloss.

August: Fleet Street. Nude matt leather effect.

September: Electric Lane. Silver glitter top coat.

October: Belgravia Place. Red glitter top coat.

November: South Kensington. Shiny silver matt.

December: Knightsbridge Road. Gold glitter top coat.


From left to right: Sloane Avenue, Chester, South Kensington, Belgravia Park and Fleet Street.

I can honestly say I am really impressed with the quality of these polishes. They are so easy to apply and last a lot longer than others I have used in the past. I would say that if you want a polish that has a fantastic finish then go for Nails Inc or OPI – some might say they are expensive, but they are well worth it.

The plain coloured gloss polishes have a extremely smooth application, they are really pigmented so you only need one or two coats to create a flawless vivid colour. 

One great bonus about this set is the amount of effects that comes with it, there is something for every occasion and can be as simple or bold as you want. Fleet Street aka the leather effect is my least favourite from the diary. You cannot add a top coat otherwise the effect will disappear and the nail will change to a gloss tan. Not being able to add a top coat means that the polish isn’t as long lasting and that is a major downside for me. However I would still use this polish for a night out or a special occasion, it’s just not something I would wear every day otherwise I would have to reapply every five minutes. Another thing I should mention about Fleet Street, I was expecting the polish to have a matt finish. How wrong was I… the complete opposite in fact. It has a textured feel almost like when you paint your nails of a night time then fall asleep and when you wake it has a crumpled texture indented in the nail, well that’s the only way I can describe the finish on the Fleet Street polish. 


From left to right: Fleet Street, Belgravia Park, South Kensington, Chester.

Chester was the polish that I was most eager to try. I’ve never seen or heard of the feather effect so I was keen to see type of finish it would have. The Chester polish in my opinion has more of a sprinkle effect than a feather one, the best representation I can think of is to compare it to the hundreds and thousand sprinkles you would put on cakes. In the above photos I have used 3 layers to create a solid build up of colour and texture which makes the nail really vivid and unique. I wanted to see what it was like with a base colour underneath, here’s how it turned out.


Base colour – Baker Street. Top effect – Chester.

I think the Chester polish is my favourite effect from the diary, something completely different that makes my nails stand out from the usual gloss colour. The effects that you get within this pack are really versatile, you can build them up with various coats to create textured finishes or layer them over a base colour for a more subtle yet individual look.

Overall I am extremely happy with the Nails Inc Diary, 12 great quality polishes for £21. I would urge anyone who loves a good nail colour to head to John Lewis ASAP! 



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