Festival Fashion


Anyone else who is counting down the days just like I am will know exactly what I’m talking about. VFestival.

I’m very excited to be going this year, even though I am not your typical camping kind of girl. Me sleeping in a tent should be fun.. well an experience at least. Being my typical fashion forward self one of my first thoughts was ‘What am I going to wear?’

One of the main things I love about festival fashion is that it is so carefree. This season is the time to see who has their own individual style and who follows the standard festival look book. I personally like to mix my own style with the typical bohemian look – flowers are a given as I love them anyway! So along with the standard wellies, floral headband and denim shorts I am keeping an eye out for something that catches my eye.

As soon as our tickets were booked I grabbed my laptop and went straight to ASOS, as usual it did not let me down. First thing I was looking for was a rain mac that would be able to cope with all kinds of weathers, as we all know the British weather is very unpredictable even in August. Most festival macs are only shower proof so I needed to find one that was made from a soft plastic – polyurethane is the materials proper name. I saw one and it stood out immediately and before I knew it


Paid for…



photo (6)

 ASOS Rain Mac With Henna Print £40


Unfortunately I have had to send this back for an exchange as it was extremely big but hopefully it will be back soon so I can show you all how amazing this is on. So my advice if your buying a mac this shape and style is to go for a size down! The black outline detail was a real selling point, the piping combined with the geometric pattern makes this is perfect festival purchase for me. One thing to bare in mind is that this material doesn’t give you any warmth but in the cold weather throw a jumper on underneath and you are good to go. The pockets are a fantastic size, big enough for you to put everything in and not to have to take a bag. Cannot wait to wear this… but for now it’s more shopping for me. You won’t hear me complaining about that.

Are you going to any festivals this summer?

Do you have any tips and tricks on festival fashion? 

More festival related blogs to come.

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