Winners, Losers and More at the 2015 Golden Globes.

I have to say that I was really impressed with the fashion choices at this years Golden Globes. As usual some stylists should be sacked following the star studded event but most did an amazing job. It seems as if white and muted tones were the colours of choice for this carpet, leaving actors like Lupita Nyong’o who wore a purple and white Giambattista Valli gown to stand out from the masses.

First thing I need to mention is how AMAZING Emma Stone looked. She always seems to pick something brave, youthful and completely gorgeous – my one to watch on the red carpet at every event she attends. Emma wore an embellished Lanvin jumpsuit which automatically made her stand out from the abundance of forgettable dresses. The strapless jewelled bodice and tailored trousers are elegant alone but with the addition of with a satin waist sash which is tied with detail behind really tops this look off for me. Emma’s fashion sense is always classic with experimental touches. Maybe that is why I warm to her so much, she isn’t afraid to push the boundaries and show her quirky personality through her clothes. After all isn’t that what fashion is about? A reflection on who your are and who you want to be.


My runner up has to be Sienna Miller in a stunning Mui Mui gown. I cannot actually find fault with this dress, the champagne base topped with beading and embroidery really is exquisite. It takes a certain type of woman to pull of a deep plunging neckline and Sienna has the figure to do so. I am not usually a fan of a low cut dress on the carpet if a women has a fuller bust, it tends to take the focus away from the outfit. Sienna certainly makes this work. Her figure does not overpower the dress but actually compliments and showcases how intricate and beautiful it is. However I would of loved to have seen a deep ruby lip, it would have made a great contrast to the champagne fabric and metallic detailing. Other than that – flawless.


Unfortunately there are always the select few that don’t quite hit the mark whilst walking the carpet. Every celebrity has this moment at some point, some more than others admittedly.

Maybe I do not understand Lana Del Ray’s style or she is just going through an experimental stage but I can say that her recent outfits have really not worked for me. Her look at the Globes seemed confused and rushed. She certainly got people talking about her – Twitter was inundated with comments most comparing her vintage Travilla dress to an odd mermaid. It certainly isn’t the worst dress I have ever seen but I find it very underwhelming, frumpy and think Lana really could of taken this platform and shown us something different.


Keira Knightley seems to have a real roller-coaster ride when it comes to fashion. Keira has been honest in the past about her feelings towards her own personal style, she says fashion is not something that she is passionate about and usually wears what she thinks is nice but most importantly comfortable. I think this freedom and random selection process is what makes Keira one to watch as you never know if she is going to have a hit or a miss. I hate to say it but this red carpet was a serious miss and the world seems to agree with me.


Recently we all found out that Keira and husband James are expecting. Wonderful news and congratulations to them. Not yet having children myself I have not gone through the struggle that is the maternity wardrobe, unfortunately this ensemble is not one to add to Keira’s maternity yes list. There are elements of this Chanel dress that I do like – the decorative insects and feather detail do add a touch of originality. However the frilled collar seems like it was a last minute addition made from my nan’s tablecloth. If you removed the black waistband, the strange collar and added some tailoring to show off that cute bump it may improve this dress, but I think I may be clutching at straws.

Lets be honest… even this dress on the runway was not Karl Lagerfeld’s finest hour.


Now lets talk about the men.

We all know that when most men put on a suit and they are automatically more attractive. We are lucky that the majority of the celebrity guys walking the carpet are already ridiculously good looking, put them in designer suits and we have a winner. I do wish that men took more of a risk at awards shows. A black tux is always a timeless classic and a go to for men but I tend to forget and loose the memory in the sea of black and white that is always apparent throughout awards season.

Without blabbering on about how good looking these men are, I wanted to show you some of the choices that weren’t your run of the mill
1)black tux
2)white shirt
3)bow tie
4)polished shoes.

And it didn’t hurt to throw in some of the guys that can pull off a really great suit.
(You can thank me later)

matt-bomer-golden-globes-2015 B7G-itpIEAA2Uo7 adrian-grenier-golden-globes-2015 1D274907591256-today-best-dressed-leto-150111.blocks_desktop_large eddie-redmayne-golden-globes-2015

Matt Bomer, Jamie Dornan, Adrian Grenier, Jared Leto and Eddie Redmayne

I could go on and talk forever about who was wearing who but don’t worry I will not keep you all night. Here are a quick few of my Golden Globes 2015 fashion winners and losers that I haven’t already mentioned.

WINNERS lorde,-golden-globes-2015,-getty__large katherine-heigl-g_3161584a julianne-moore,-golden-globes-2015,-getty__large joanne-froggatt,-golden-globes-2015,-getty__large jessica-chastain,-golden-globes-2015,-getty__large felicity-jones,-golden-globes-2015,-getty__large emily-blunt,-golden-globes-2015,-getty__large dakota-johnson,-golden-globes-2015,-getty__large allison-williams,-golden-globes-2015,-getty__large

Julia Goldani Telles, Lorde, Katherine Heigl, Julianne Moore, Joanne Froggatt, Jessica Chastain, Felicity Jones, Emily Blunt, Dakota Johnson and Allison Williams.


alan-cumming-golden-globes-2015 amy-adams-x_3161549a jemima-kirke,-golden-globes-2015,-getty__large kate-hudson,-golden-globes-2015,-rex__large katie-cassidy-golden-globes-2015 kristen-wiig-goldern-globe-awards-january-2015-getty__large rosamund-pike,-golden-globes-2015,-getty__large slide_395070_4841464_free

Alan Cumming, Amy Adams, Jemima Kirke, Kate Hudson, Katie Cassidy, Kristen Wiig, Rosamund Pike and Tiziana Rocca.

And finally lets just take a moment to appreciate Jared Leto’s hair.
Goodbye man bun… hello man plait!


Are you a fan of the man plait?

Who were your favourites on the night?

12 thoughts on “Winners, Losers and More at the 2015 Golden Globes.

  1. I so agree with Kate Hudson as a loser. I’ve seen so many articles praising her dress but I’m pretty sure that’s not what they are praising. I think she could have worn something classic and really pulled it off. Also loved your inclusion of the men’s wear, it’s nice to see they haven’t been completely forgotten about! xx

    • Kate’s look just seemed like she was attention seeking, no denying that her body looked incredible but just not one of my favourite looks on her.
      I am glad you liked it – I wish more men would take risks, then they wouldn’t be overlooked.
      Loving your blog by the way. Thanks for your comments 🙂 x

  2. Very good! I agree with you on Emma Stone’s very classic and beautiful, her style is perfection.
    The man plait is interesting…it looks good on him though, I’m not sure if others will be able to pull it off haha.

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