And The Oscar Goes To…

Well that’s another Oscars down and more designer dresses for me to envy and wish I had the privilege of wearing.

I have to admit that the carpet was fairly tame and this years fashion was sadly forgettable. With this year not being very daring I am pleased to say that a handful of celebs did take a risk, good or bad at least they stood out from overused trends of statement necklaces and plunging necklines. I am pleased to announce that I have more best than worst on my list but the majority take up the ‘yeah that’s nice’ or ‘that’s pretty’ unforgettable category – such a shame considering this is one of the years biggest platforms for designers and stars to get a fashionista status.

Let’s start with some of my best dressed.

And the Oscar goes to…

Rosamund Pike in Givenchy Haute Couture

rosamund pike

What can I say. Perfection from head to toe. Usually I am not a fan of red shoes with a red dress, but the colour match and simplicity of the strapped heels are a real winner for me. Rosamund has certainly saved her best until last, it’s the best she has looked all awards season.

Every red carpet I pray that I see at least one Elie Saab gown, I am sure you will all agree that they are timelessly beautiful and one of my top designers on my if I were famous I would wear list. Well it seems that my fashion prayers have been answered. Not one but two big names were seen walking the red walkway in Elie Saab. I have to admit when I saw this next actress I let out a little squeal of excitement.

emma stone

Emma Stone.. Can she do no wrong? Every ceremony Emma seems to be on the all the best dressed lists and she deserves to be. I admire the chances she takes and how her wardrobe is constantly evolving. The Hollywood glamour still has a youthful touch due to this unusual green – I have read a few negative comment about this colour. But personally I love it, very different, compliments her skin tone perfectly and makes a refreshing change to usual hues we see time and time again. She nailed it and my love for Emma Stone grows yet again.

Another woman who isn’t afraid to take risks on the carpet is Jennifer Lopez. Filled with confidence and in a beautiful Elie Saab gown here she is…

jlo chris

 Every woman deserves to have a princess moment at least once in her life – I love that Jennifer kept the full skirt and didn’t remove and layers to keep the drama. The moment she stepped onto the carpet the journalists had a frenzy and the screams from the crowd erupted. For me the sheer fullness of the skirt and the fact that it dominated the carpet makes this a real ‘moment’ for this years Oscars. If this was a different and stronger colour I believe she would of been on more best dressed lists but I admire that the fabric practically matching her skin tone. It takes a brave woman full of confidence to pull off this tone and the plunging neckline but it is JLO after all and she certainly knows how to flaunt her best assets.

Some of you may of noticed a certain good looking gentleman stood next to Jennifer.
Who I am kidding, I know all of you noticed Chris Pine and his beautiful self wearing a dress set by Fred Leighton.

Chris Pine

Prince Charming. Tux. Beard. I don’t think I need to say any more.

Let’s just step away from the fashion for a moment. One of my best moments from this years ceremony was John Legends and Common’s performance of Glory from the film Selma. It didn’t just highlight the importance of the Selma to Montgomery trek that was part of the 1960s American Civil Rights Movement but the racial and discrimination issues we face in today’s society. Ok I admit it, I was blubbing like a baby. What an emotional performance and Oprah, David Oyelowo, Jessica Chastain and Chris Pine were some of the celebs that were seen crying along with me. 25F93BF800000578-2964815-image-m-319_1424669518306

Sensitive as well… come on. Where are these types of guys where I live?!

We all know that after Lupita Nyong’o’s amazing fashion season last year all eyes were on her to see if she was going to knock it out of the park two years in a row. Her Oscars dress was certainly a talking point. For me I didn’t like it. Apparently this custom Calvin Klein gown consists of 6000 different sized pearls combined with a silk and tulle base. I am not disputing the gowns beauty and the amount of man power and expense that has gone into it but there is just something I am not sure about. Maybe it is the diamond cut out or the fact that this does not photograph well but unfortunately this is on my worst dressed. I had such high expectations for Lupita’s Oscar ensemble and I just feel a little underwhelmed.

25F788FF00000578-0-image-a-13_1424651709445 lupita

Next is an outfit which leaves me feeling confused and with so many questions. Solange Knowles in Christian Siriano.
Is it a jumpsuit? Is it a dress? Red, Orange or Coral? A roll neck? I think I better stop now.


Back to the good now…

After her disaster at the Globes Keira Knightly is back on form. This Valentino dress is straight off the runway and makes the mum-to-be look fantastic. The embroidery on the tulle gives a opulent yet ethereal quality that is so different from anything we have seen this awards season. I applaud you Keira for once again taking a chance and being different on the carpet.

keira knightly

The woman who has now become a household name – Dakota Johnson. Dakota was under a tremendous amount of pressure to look incredible as she is definitely the woman of the moment. She seemed to pull her look off with ease and that ‘oh this, I just threw this on’ kind of way that I wished I possessed.

dakota johnson

 Dakota’s red Saint Laurent gown was very flattering with a glamorous touch added by the one shouldered detail. Keeping with her sexy reputation the thigh slit made sure just enough skin was showing to make sure the look was kept classy and in keeping with the event. Some celebrities would of overdone the hair and make-up with this look – however Dakota has kept things simple with a sleek ponytail and signature bangs. One thing I would change if I was her stylist… Lose the Forevermark bracelet. The single shoulder detail is enough for me and the cuff adds another element of sparkle that isn’t needed. But still gorgeous.

According to my word count at this point we are 1143 words in and if I keep writing this will turn into a book. I will leave you with some more good and a few bad to keep your fashion minds in overdrive for the day.

The good..

adam l behati America Ferrera eddie redmayne faith hill Jamie Chung Joanna Newsom Andy Samberg Kelly Osbourne naomi watts neil patrick harris reese witherspoon rita ora

The bad..

Gina Rodriguez gwyn nicole Ava-DuVernay Blanca-Blanco Diane-Warren

And the Gaga…

gaga lady gaga

Thinking about this I suppose this is quite tame for Lady Gaga, she isn’t in an egg or covered in meat and actually the dress alone is beautiful. Maybe I was missed off the memo distribution about the new random glove trend. Amal Clooney started it at the globes and it seems it’s now catching and of course Gaga had to do one better by doing a red LEATHER glove. I am not going to slate this like the majority because if she removed the gloves I guarantee you would all be saying how amazing she looked. Gaga is almost as famous for her eye-catching ensembles as she is for her music. She is a performer in every aspect and completely demands attention and I much prefer this style of Gaga than her earlier meat dress phase.

When did it get to the point that I am justifying that red leather gloves are the perfect accessory for a stunning custom Azzedine Alaia gown?

You have to admit the Oscars always showcases a variety of fashion and I already can’t wait for next year!

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