My New Venture

Once upon a time you couldn’t find me without a needle and thread in hand or an oversized paint splattered shirt on. Then the real world hit, work and life in general took priority over creative ventures. It’s time to get my creative side back and start feeling like me again. It’s might sound dramatic and strange to some people but for someone like me who oozes creativity I need music, fashion, paint, thread (this list could go on) to feel normal. It’s the way I relax. Others go for a run… I sew, draw, paint. You get the idea.

One of my closet friends Rachel has a beautiful little girl called Millie. Seeing her cheeky smile and lovely blonde hair it gave me the inspiration to try and make her a hair bow. Our next stop was Hobby Craft – anyone who is from outside the UK, Hobby Craft is a shop where all your essential arts and craft supplies are under one roof. HEAVEN. I think myself and Rachel were just as excited as Millie to pick out the ribbon. Twenty pounds worth of ribbon and a glue gun later, I was all set.

This is where YouTube is an absolute godsend. Tutorial after tutorial I finally got the hang of a double bow which almost reminds me of a bow tie.

So I started with this…

And ended up with…

Genuinely proud of myself.

*pats self on back*

After making a couple more in different colours and textures I began to realise that making bows is extremely addictive. Now to inform you of my new venture. I am pleased to announce that I am starting up a hair accessories business – an assortment of bows and flowers on clips, hair elastics and headbands.

I am still to think of a name for my new endeavour. Any ideas? I want my business name to be something a little bit different but still needs to get a clear message across about what I’m selling. Now you see my difficulty in choosing a name?

If you need me I will be surrounded in ribbon and covered in hot glue. 

Do you have any hair accessory tips for me?

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