The Giving Tree

It’s no secret that I LOVE Christmas. Being surrounded by family, tacky jumpers and the general festive buzz in the air.

There is no better feeling than helping others, especially at Christmas. Heart radio have set up a Giving Tree situated within the Bluewater shopping centre, they work with different charities providing children and young adults with presents at Christmas and support throughout the year.


The tree is covered with hundreds of gift tags with the name and age of a child, after picking your tag you take it with you to choose a gift that you think is suitable. I love the idea of knowing the age group and name of the child your buying for, it seems more personal and a little emotional.Once you’ve picked your gift you take it back (unwrapped) to the tree where the staff members will tape the personal tag onto the present and place it into the box to be collected and delivered.

Who did I pick you ask?


Baby Bella, little Amelia and the lovely Jessica were the names that called out to me this year.

With the hundreds of tags and names looking back at me I thought that I would really struggle finalising my selection but who knows why these three just jumped out at me and I couldn’t put them down. There is no rule with just buying one so after setting myself a £20 limit per present I set off and was ready to shop. Where did I do first… The Disney store of course!

For Bella:


At only £12.95 this is such a bargain and the cutest thing for Bella. I wish you all could feel how soft it is and how beautiful the soft pink and the grey ears are. You can get this now from any Disney store or online.

For Amelia:



What 4 year old girl doesn’t want a Cinderella doll? With every Disney prince and princess in the Animators collection I did struggle with what one I was going to pick. If in doubt go for a classic character. I also bought a gift for a child at the Giving Tree last year – also a 4 year old girl I bought her the Snow White Animators doll. At £20 I really think you get a lot for your money and something a child will adore and play with for hours.

For Jessica:


After speaking to a member of staff she told me that the majority of the teenage age category get missed out. Of course its easier to buy for a toddler or young child with the ever growing choice available in shops for them but surely it shouldn’t matter what age a child is… all children deserve a moment of happiness over the festive period. Without knowing the teenagers personality it is tricky to buy a gift – but I went for beauty and luxury, surely a good bet right? Boots had an AMAZING deal that I couldn’t quite believe. This Ted Baker makeup set at half price from £45 to £20. Yes £20!!

This year The Giving Tree will be supporting: The Salvation Army, The Children’s Trust, Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice, Rocking Horse Children’s Charity, Shooting Star Chase, Kent Young Carers, North Kent Women’s Aid (Choices), North Kent Women’s Aid (Choices) Refugee Centre, Bexley Moorings Project, Dandelion Times, Canterbury & District Early Years Project, Demelza Hospice Care for Children, Community Links, Home Start, Kent & Medway Adolescent Unit, Ellenor Hospice, Teddy Bear Run, NSPCC and Duchenne Children’s Trust.

This year you only have until the 20th December to get your gifts back so they can be delivered to the children in time for Christmas. So if you live close to the Dartford area then you better hurry and do your good deed this season.

Does you know of any similar schemes near to where you live? I think every town should have one don’t you?

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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