Topshop Lipstick Review

It’s no secret that I love lipstick. My collection consists of every shade, even though I haven’t been brave enough to rock the black yet. I have been loving the Topshop beauty range for a while now and wanted to share with you a new shade that I have recently added to my make-up bag.

Lips in The Damned

pic 1

I admit that a short while ago I was a make up brand snob – believing that you need to pay for the bigger brands as their products exceed all others. In a way I still believe this to some extent. I probably pay over the odds for my mascara, foundations and primers but after trailing countless brands I have found my go-to products that are always in my make up bag and I won’t scrimp for the quality that I adore. However it was only when I branched out with different lipstick brands that I began to broaden my appreciation for other price ranges and not just hone in on the obvious ‘luxury’ collections. Yes I have some ridiculously expensive beauty products and don’t regret buying them but I am now proud to say that some of my favourite and most used things are products that I would of walked straight by in the past.

Priced at £8.00 each these are really affordable compared to some other high street/drug store brands. Overall the Topshop beauty range is a good price that branches to all budgets. The Lips in The Damned shade is my fourth Topshop stick to date and will be sure to add many more as I use them all the time. One annoying habit with being a lipstick lover is having to reapply – I find this brand is really long wearing, yes I have to do the normal reapplication every now and then but with the colour being so pigmented it lasts. On the website it says that this shade has a velvet matte finish, however with my previous Topshop colours and this new one they all have a slight shine to the colour when applied.


I ADORE this range and will not stop buying them. They have a real luxury feel and an amazing long lasting quality. With a wide range of hues and at a great price what more could you ask for in a beauty product?

What do you think of the colour? Maybe in my next post I would of plucked up the courage to wear the black lipstick and see how it fairs with my pale skintone. Why is it that some girls can rock a black tone but I already have a gut feeling that I will look like a member of the Addams family. Stay tuned…



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