Why Are Socks And Sandals Still A Thing?

Let’s just talk about the ultimate fashion sin for a second.

Socks & Sandals

How is this even still a thing? Who wakes up in the morning throws on some horrible off white socks then intentionally teams them with some sandals. Surely no sane person can genuinely think to themselves ‘I need my feet to be covered yet I don’t want to wear a restricted shoe’.

Of course I had a quick Google search to see what others are saying about this topic and to my surprise I found that some are saying that this is the new trend to watch. Really?! I can categorically say that I will not be pulling up my socks and strapping on a chunky sandal to keep up with the in crowd. Ok, I admit that the comfort side of this ‘trend’ has an appeal but I just can’t bring myself to consider it. If you’ve never been brave enough to rock the S&S look and have always wanted to maybe now is the time to try it. Quick… before the hype dies down and everyone realises that this trend should be put back in the deal breaker, bad taste, heinous box.

If anyone reading this is sock and sandal wearer please explain your thought process. I DON’T UNDERSTAND and it really bothers me.
*takes deep breath in*

Well I feel a lot better after my little outburst. But you have to agree that this is NOT a good look…


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