Caffeine and Reflection

Sat alone with a frothy caffeine filled mug  I find my brain slipping into observation mode. Taking in everything that’s around me and finding a brief moment of joy in being alone with my thoughts. I have no qualms with being on my own, surely there should be more admiration for those who don’t have to rely on others.

I would describe myself as a socialiser – having the ability to get on with most and finding laughter in pretty much anything. The trouble with being a people person is that it rarely leaves you with time to breath. Don’t get me wrong I love my friends and family and wouldn’t be without or spend any less time with them, but I’ve just found that the last year or so I haven’t taken the time to stop and collect my thoughts. Maybe it’s because my life is at such a hectic junction.

What am I doing? Where am I going?

With the busy crowds and endless conversations going on around me I am strangely calm. Taking solace in the fact that everyone seems so rushed and stressed and I am actually relaxed and comfortable for once. If you were to first meet me I would say that people think I am a confident girl with a strong head on my shoulders. With that being partly true; the ones who know me best would say that I am constantly putting my self down, second guessing and putting far too much pressure on myself to succeed. The hectic scene that’s surrounding me has just made me reflect on myself. Am I moving forward with my career? Do I need to push myself harder? Should I be further developed now? All questions that only I can answer. And ultimately I know that I will have a successful career path but that’s only going to happen if I make the opportunity’s for myself.
Time to stop going through the motions and make something of myself. 

Why does a moment of reflection always end up with me re-evaluating my life choices?

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