A Day Of Nothing

This morning I woke without an alarm for the first time in what felt like forever. Taking a few minutes to really appreciate the warmest of moments, it was only when I snuggled back under my duvet that it dawned on me that I had nothing planned today.
No work.
No catch up over coffee.
No errands.
When was the last time I had nothing on my agenda?

Don’t get me wrong I am certainly not complaining but the feeling of stillness was something I have grown to live without. My personality is drawn to pressure and my inner need to want to do and be better will propel me into this full on life that I have created for myself. I have become accustom to the crazy and it seems odd to have time to just think and be undisturbed.

So with this newfound time on my hands I threw on the fluffiest of dressing gowns and made myself a strong mug of coffee. Grabbing a book off the shelf on the way to the sofa I made myself comfortable and started to relax knowing I didn’t have to look at my watch at all today.

I can never fully grasp the fact that some people don’t like to read. How can you not be intoxicated in the way that words on a page can have the ability to transport you and how the power of your imagination takes over your conscious.

The first book I picked off the shelf was by Christina Lauren – I have read the Beautiful series before and it captivated me the first time so why not give it a second read.


The best way to describe the Beautiful Series is romance meets Fifty Shades. I don’t know about you but I found the Fifty Shades trilogy badly written and ridiculously repetitive. For someone like me who doesn’t stick to one genre when picking a book I found the idea of erotic romance hitting the masses exciting. Finally people were looking at the genre as normal reads and not something that is seen with a sordid outlook. When I stumbled upon the Beautiful Series I was immediately hooked. The writing captivates you and found myself not wanting to put the books down as I was so invested in the characters and their journey.

So there I was curled up on the sofa with a delicious mug of coffee finding myself transported and engrossed with the story of Chloe and Bennett once again.

Without even realising a day like today is exactly what I needed.
Coffee, a good book and my own company.

Can every day be like this?



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