It’s Nearly Time For The Oscars.

As you are reading this the star studded nominees are probably surrounded by a hired glam squad and getting ready for walking that famous red carpet. Yes, it’s nearly time for the Oscars, HOORAY!

I have endless amounts of tea, coffee and snacks ready for me to stay up into the early hours and watch the years most anticipated awards ceremony, Unfortunately due to the time difference – me being in the UK and the ceremony being held in America, I will most definitely need the coffee to keep my eyes open until all finishes at 4.30am!

I’m sure we can expect to see some fashion trends continue from previous carpets this season. White gowns and head to toe silver metallics being two clear favourites from this years awards season and I would bet that these will be repeated tonight.

21st Annual SAG Awards julianne-moore-golden-globes-2015-jan1215

amy-adams-vogue-8feb15-pa_b_426x639_1 a12a5b22-ffea-4a73-ad5c-5ed7a13c36c5-1405x2040

Reese Witherspoon in custom Armani – SAG Awards 2015
Julianne Moore in customer couture Givenchy – Golden Globes 2015
Amy Adams in custom Lanvin – Baftas 2015
Eddie Redmayne in Armani and Hannah Bagshawe in Valentino – Baftas 2015

The Oscars are always so exciting for me, it being the ultimate awards ceremony everyone seems to save the best fashion choices for this red carpet. Of course we will see an abundance of celebrities in the big designers, Dior, Tom Ford, Givenchy, Ralph Lauren, Versace and so many more. But I really do hope that someone wears a Elie Saab gown – I love every collection, the simplicity and detail would make a great change from the harsh lines that we are seeing throughout this years awards season.

Who knows what everyone will wear but I for one cannot wait to find out.
Bring on the fashion!

Bring On Awards Season

It’s that time again, awards season has arrived.

Some may watch and follow these events to see the artists hard work be acknowledged – my reasoning, the outfits. The pure joy I have in waiting for the celebs to walk the red carpet and to see there outfit of choice. Of course it is fantastic for people to be nominated and receive an award for there achievements but we all know that the minute they step out of that black tinted car the whole world will be judging them on how they look.

Do I have the right shoes on to coordinate with my outfit? Am I wearing the right colour for this season? Is this outfit edgy enough for people to remember my choice tomorrow? How many millions are my earrings worth, I hope I don’t loose them? Can I remember what designer I am wearing?
All really important questions of course.

In five minutes the Golden Globes live from the red carpet on E! airs here in the UK. I will wait eagerly to see who has made a bold, brave choice and who has underwhelmed with a forgettable ensemble.

Of course I will report back to you all with my favourites but if you want to catch up sooner head over to my Twitter account for some live feedback.

Twitter: The Trendy Orange

Who are you most excited to see? I cannot wait to see Emily Blunt and Emma Stone.

Bring on the fashion! 

Hysteria, Hair Dye and Fashion Week. I’ve Been Busy.

It seems I have a lot to tell you since I’ve been absent from the blogging world.

I’ve changed jobs. I can now call myself a London commuter, Mayfair to be precise. Not as glamorous as some might think. Squabbling to get a seat then the crush, heat and hysteria that is the tube. If you have ever been on a tube during rush hour then you will know that you have to wave goodbye to the luxury that is personal space. One of the frustrating parts is that I can be having an amazing hair/makeup day, however when I actually get to work it looks like I’ve just run a marathon. Sweating, frizzy and NOT attractive. All things considered I bloody love London and all of it’s quirks.

My hair colour has changed 3 times in my time away. It’s now a burgundy that looks vivid in the light. As much as red dye is a pain to maintain I have a weakness and seem to keep coming back to that same colour.


L’Oreal Feria Booster Scarlet Power

Unless you bleach your hair first I do not know how anyone can get the colour this bright. I have been pillar box red once but had to bleach my hair beforehand, won’t be doing that again anytime soon. Hair = straw.
Over the years and experimenting with most high street hair dye brands I really rate the Loreal range. I’ve found that the colours are really pigmented, long wearing and you can usually get some form of special offer if you buy two or more. Perfect for someone like me who needs a couple of boxes for my thick mane.


Dress: Boohoo

Necklace: New Look

Lipstick: Called Up by Topshop 

One of my most exciting adventurous was London Fashion Weekend. Of course being a fashion addict I watched as many shows at LFW as I could, far to many amazing collections for me to mention. Let’s save that for another post shall we?

I have so much more to tell you but will keep you in suspense until next time otherwise we will be here for hours.

I’m glad to be back. More posts coming soon.

Festival Fashion


Anyone else who is counting down the days just like I am will know exactly what I’m talking about. VFestival.

I’m very excited to be going this year, even though I am not your typical camping kind of girl. Me sleeping in a tent should be fun.. well an experience at least. Being my typical fashion forward self one of my first thoughts was ‘What am I going to wear?’

One of the main things I love about festival fashion is that it is so carefree. This season is the time to see who has their own individual style and who follows the standard festival look book. I personally like to mix my own style with the typical bohemian look – flowers are a given as I love them anyway! So along with the standard wellies, floral headband and denim shorts I am keeping an eye out for something that catches my eye.

As soon as our tickets were booked I grabbed my laptop and went straight to ASOS, as usual it did not let me down. First thing I was looking for was a rain mac that would be able to cope with all kinds of weathers, as we all know the British weather is very unpredictable even in August. Most festival macs are only shower proof so I needed to find one that was made from a soft plastic – polyurethane is the materials proper name. I saw one and it stood out immediately and before I knew it


Paid for…



photo (6)

 ASOS Rain Mac With Henna Print £40


Unfortunately I have had to send this back for an exchange as it was extremely big but hopefully it will be back soon so I can show you all how amazing this is on. So my advice if your buying a mac this shape and style is to go for a size down! The black outline detail was a real selling point, the piping combined with the geometric pattern makes this is perfect festival purchase for me. One thing to bare in mind is that this material doesn’t give you any warmth but in the cold weather throw a jumper on underneath and you are good to go. The pockets are a fantastic size, big enough for you to put everything in and not to have to take a bag. Cannot wait to wear this… but for now it’s more shopping for me. You won’t hear me complaining about that.

Are you going to any festivals this summer?

Do you have any tips and tricks on festival fashion? 

More festival related blogs to come.

Stay Tuned


Just wanted to start by apologising for my lack of posts, It’s been a busy time for this trendy orange lately. No excuse though… SORRY.

I have plenty of fab things on the way so stay tuned.

Tomorrows post – Festival Fashion.

Reverse Hair Washing. Does it actually work?

Just a quick post from me today.

I have to say when I first read about the reverse hair washing technique I was extremely sceptical. If you haven’t heard of this its where you condition before shampooing.

The whole idea just seems strange to me. How could shampooing your hair after it’s been conditioned work? Apparently the ‘experts’ say that with the normal shampoo-conditioner method weighs your hair down as you can never quite wash all the oil out. So with this new reverse technique you are supposed to have a end result of de-tangled, silky hair that is full of volume but no left over residue.

Everyone in the twitter world has been raving about it. What is the worst that could happen right? Apart from wasting 15 minutes of my time… So I gave it a go.

To my surprise I was VERY impressed. My hair felt really soft, shiny and full of life. For someone like me who has quite naturally oily hair anyway this technique is fantastic. I didn’t find that I had a residue on my hair that creates that waxy texture and look, it just left it feeling like a silky gloss finish that you get when you go to the hairdressers. I would suggest everyone to go and try it!

It would seem that we have been washing our hair wrong all these years. Who knew?

I have definitely jumped on the reverse hair washing bandwagon and I won’t be going back. 

Let me know how you get on… Would love to know if this works for you as well.