Hysteria, Hair Dye and Fashion Week. I’ve Been Busy.

It seems I have a lot to tell you since I’ve been absent from the blogging world.

I’ve changed jobs. I can now call myself a London commuter, Mayfair to be precise. Not as glamorous as some might think. Squabbling to get a seat then the crush, heat and hysteria that is the tube. If you have ever been on a tube during rush hour then you will know that you have to wave goodbye to the luxury that is personal space. One of the frustrating parts is that I can be having an amazing hair/makeup day, however when I actually get to work it looks like I’ve just run a marathon. Sweating, frizzy and NOT attractive. All things considered I bloody love London and all of it’s quirks.

My hair colour has changed 3 times in my time away. It’s now a burgundy that looks vivid in the light. As much as red dye is a pain to maintain I have a weakness and seem to keep coming back to that same colour.


L’Oreal Feria Booster Scarlet Power

Unless you bleach your hair first I do not know how anyone can get the colour this bright. I have been pillar box red once but had to bleach my hair beforehand, won’t be doing that again anytime soon. Hair = straw.
Over the years and experimenting with most high street hair dye brands I really rate the Loreal range. I’ve found that the colours are really pigmented, long wearing and you can usually get some form of special offer if you buy two or more. Perfect for someone like me who needs a couple of boxes for my thick mane.


Dress: Boohoo

Necklace: New Look

Lipstick: Called Up by Topshop 

One of my most exciting adventurous was London Fashion Weekend. Of course being a fashion addict I watched as many shows at LFW as I could, far to many amazing collections for me to mention. Let’s save that for another post shall we?

I have so much more to tell you but will keep you in suspense until next time otherwise we will be here for hours.

I’m glad to be back. More posts coming soon.

Reverse Hair Washing. Does it actually work?

Just a quick post from me today.

I have to say when I first read about the reverse hair washing technique I was extremely sceptical. If you haven’t heard of this its where you condition before shampooing.

The whole idea just seems strange to me. How could shampooing your hair after it’s been conditioned work? Apparently the ‘experts’ say that with the normal shampoo-conditioner method weighs your hair down as you can never quite wash all the oil out. So with this new reverse technique you are supposed to have a end result of de-tangled, silky hair that is full of volume but no left over residue.

Everyone in the twitter world has been raving about it. What is the worst that could happen right? Apart from wasting 15 minutes of my time… So I gave it a go.

To my surprise I was VERY impressed. My hair felt really soft, shiny and full of life. For someone like me who has quite naturally oily hair anyway this technique is fantastic. I didn’t find that I had a residue on my hair that creates that waxy texture and look, it just left it feeling like a silky gloss finish that you get when you go to the hairdressers. I would suggest everyone to go and try it!

It would seem that we have been washing our hair wrong all these years. Who knew?

I have definitely jumped on the reverse hair washing bandwagon and I won’t be going back. 

Let me know how you get on… Would love to know if this works for you as well.

Plaits Are Here To Stay

You cannot deny that hair braids have been EVERYWHERE lately and believe me when I say that they are not going away any time soon. One thing I love about a braid is that they are so versatile, they seem to withstand all types of weather. Sun. Rain. Wind. Even torrential downpours which we are not short of in the UK. Whether you opt for a simple traditional plait or a more modern take on the trend the braid is here to stay.

Having extremely thick hair myself I am lucky that I can do pretty much anything with it. Growing up with frizzy, thick, ginger hair was an absolute nightmare! I didn’t have a clue what to do with it. How do you tame something that resembles a cross between a lions mane and a poodle? You may laugh at the image you have in your head right now, but I’m not joking.


This pretty much sums up my natural hair. If you didn’t think a ginger afro was possible, think again. Thankfully I have a great sense of humour and now a good understanding on how to tame the beast. Apparently this season frizz is back – a bonus for me and my mane. Its not about the smooth sleek finish any more, so grab the salt spray and add some texture to your hair.

My lovely friend Sarah is my personal hair guru. She just has this natural gift with hair, the type of person that can look at a complicated style and replicate it without even trying. Very envious of her natural ability but extremely thankful that she loves playing about with my hair.


(Me and Sarah a few days ago)

The other evening we were having a girlie catch up which turned into a mass hairstyle trial session. I wanted to share these hairstyles with you as I fell in love with them and will definitely be trying and including them in my future looks. First Sarah blow-dried and straightened my hair, which is a challenge in itself. Also excuse the lack of hairspray/stray bits of hair but as we were just doing one style after another I didn’t want to put a ridiculous amount of product in my hair.

A Dutch Braid

Anyone who has seen the Disney film frozen will understand my train of thought here – this hairstyle reminds me of the character Elsa. The long braid is very structured yet wearable in any situation.



Waterfall Braid

The waterfall is so simple but turns a normal hairstyle into something with interest. 


Added Ladder Braid

Including a ladder braid underneath the waterfall braid adds another dimension to the style.


Added Twisted Sectioned Barrel Bun

The addition of the twisted barrel bun here makes this hairstyle pop. The best part for me is that the barrel bun is slightly messy yet really secure, meaning this style is perfect for a damp windy day as you don’t have to worry about it looking perfect.


Rope Twist Braid

Sometimes known as a crown braid. I find this hairstyle very romantic, almost like it was inspired by a fairytale. This isn’t your everyday pop to the shops style but it would certainly make a statement with any outfit that it is paired with.



I know it isn’t a plait but I had to include it as it’s my personal favourite….

Barrel Bun

I LOVE this. Very sophisticated but not over the top – It is definitely a style that lets the simplicity do the talking.




You have to admit that Sarah is VERY clever. 

So take note… the plait trend is hot right now and I would jump on the bandwagon. It is one of the only trends that can be adapted for any hair type.

What shall I do with my hair next? Any ideas?