My Morning Observation

Sat drinking my coffee in the early hours of the morning my mind begins to drift. Have you ever completely zoned out? Not knowing how long you’ve been staring into thin air or what you’ve even been fixating on. Well I’ve just had one of those moments. I’m currently in the middle of a shopping precinct, drinking my faithful McDonalds morning frothy coffee. Some may call me strange but I love to just be still and focus on what’s around me. I’ve always been an observer. Noticing the little things that some people would just let float by.

When I finally snapped myself out of my glazed thoughts I realised I had been staring at woman’s shoes. The highest heels I have ever seen in my life. Clear platform, sparkly straps and definitely NOTĀ appropriate for our surroundings. The most annoying thing is that I didn’t get a photo. I wish you could of all seen what I can only describe as ‘stripper shoes’ (Sorry guys). Pondering on the sight that was before me it made me ask myself a simple question.

Is it always appropriate to wear high heels in a casual environment?

Being quite short I am a lover of a heel but am very picky when I wear them. Maybe it’s because I am conscientious about where I am going or who I am seeing when choosing my outfits but it just baffles me how someone can choose platform heels to go for a coffee. Surely I am not the only one that thinks that is out of place? Or perhaps my mindset it’s wrong. I suppose I shouldn’t question why she made that choice this morning, if she is happy with her stripper shoes then who am I to judge. Good on her for having the confidence and who cares attitude but it still doesn’t stop me questioning it though.

When does an outfit cross over from empowered personal taste to just simply inappropriate?