Kylie Lip Kit

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Hysteria, Hair Dye and Fashion Week. I’ve Been Busy.

It seems I have a lot to tell you since I’ve been absent from the blogging world.

I’ve changed jobs. I can now call myself a London commuter, Mayfair to be precise. Not as glamorous as some might think. Squabbling to get a seat then the crush, heat and hysteria that is the tube. If you have ever been on a tube during rush hour then you will know that you have to wave goodbye to the luxury that is personal space. One of the frustrating parts is that I can be having an amazing hair/makeup day, however when I actually get to work it looks like I’ve just run a marathon. Sweating, frizzy and NOT attractive. All things considered I bloody love London and all of it’s quirks.

My hair colour has changed 3 times in my time away. It’s now a burgundy that looks vivid in the light. As much as red dye is a pain to maintain I have a weakness and seem to keep coming back to that same colour.


L’Oreal Feria Booster Scarlet Power

Unless you bleach your hair first I do not know how anyone can get the colour this bright. I have been pillar box red once but had to bleach my hair beforehand, won’t be doing that again anytime soon. Hair = straw.
Over the years and experimenting with most high street hair dye brands I really rate the Loreal range. I’ve found that the colours are really pigmented, long wearing and you can usually get some form of special offer if you buy two or more. Perfect for someone like me who needs a couple of boxes for my thick mane.


Dress: Boohoo

Necklace: New Look

Lipstick: Called Up by Topshop 

One of my most exciting adventurous was London Fashion Weekend. Of course being a fashion addict I watched as many shows at LFW as I could, far to many amazing collections for me to mention. Let’s save that for another post shall we?

I have so much more to tell you but will keep you in suspense until next time otherwise we will be here for hours.

I’m glad to be back. More posts coming soon.