Festival Fashion


Anyone else who is counting down the days just like I am will know exactly what I’m talking about. VFestival.

I’m very excited to be going this year, even though I am not your typical camping kind of girl. Me sleeping in a tent should be fun.. well an experience at least. Being my typical fashion forward self one of my first thoughts was ‘What am I going to wear?’

One of the main things I love about festival fashion is that it is so carefree. This season is the time to see who has their own individual style and who follows the standard festival look book. I personally like to mix my own style with the typical bohemian look – flowers are a given as I love them anyway! So along with the standard wellies, floral headband and denim shorts I am keeping an eye out for something that catches my eye.

As soon as our tickets were booked I grabbed my laptop and went straight to ASOS, as usual it did not let me down. First thing I was looking for was a rain mac that would be able to cope with all kinds of weathers, as we all know the British weather is very unpredictable even in August. Most festival macs are only shower proof so I needed to find one that was made from a soft plastic – polyurethane is the materials proper name. I saw one and it stood out immediately and before I knew it


Paid for…



photo (6)

 ASOS Rain Mac With Henna Print £40


Unfortunately I have had to send this back for an exchange as it was extremely big but hopefully it will be back soon so I can show you all how amazing this is on. So my advice if your buying a mac this shape and style is to go for a size down! The black outline detail was a real selling point, the piping combined with the geometric pattern makes this is perfect festival purchase for me. One thing to bare in mind is that this material doesn’t give you any warmth but in the cold weather throw a jumper on underneath and you are good to go. The pockets are a fantastic size, big enough for you to put everything in and not to have to take a bag. Cannot wait to wear this… but for now it’s more shopping for me. You won’t hear me complaining about that.

Are you going to any festivals this summer?

Do you have any tips and tricks on festival fashion? 

More festival related blogs to come.

Stay Tuned


Just wanted to start by apologising for my lack of posts, It’s been a busy time for this trendy orange lately. No excuse though… SORRY.

I have plenty of fab things on the way so stay tuned.

Tomorrows post – Festival Fashion.

Reverse Hair Washing. Does it actually work?

Just a quick post from me today.

I have to say when I first read about the reverse hair washing technique I was extremely sceptical. If you haven’t heard of this its where you condition before shampooing.

The whole idea just seems strange to me. How could shampooing your hair after it’s been conditioned work? Apparently the ‘experts’ say that with the normal shampoo-conditioner method weighs your hair down as you can never quite wash all the oil out. So with this new reverse technique you are supposed to have a end result of de-tangled, silky hair that is full of volume but no left over residue.

Everyone in the twitter world has been raving about it. What is the worst that could happen right? Apart from wasting 15 minutes of my time… So I gave it a go.

To my surprise I was VERY impressed. My hair felt really soft, shiny and full of life. For someone like me who has quite naturally oily hair anyway this technique is fantastic. I didn’t find that I had a residue on my hair that creates that waxy texture and look, it just left it feeling like a silky gloss finish that you get when you go to the hairdressers. I would suggest everyone to go and try it!

It would seem that we have been washing our hair wrong all these years. Who knew?

I have definitely jumped on the reverse hair washing bandwagon and I won’t be going back. 

Let me know how you get on… Would love to know if this works for you as well.

Plaits Are Here To Stay

You cannot deny that hair braids have been EVERYWHERE lately and believe me when I say that they are not going away any time soon. One thing I love about a braid is that they are so versatile, they seem to withstand all types of weather. Sun. Rain. Wind. Even torrential downpours which we are not short of in the UK. Whether you opt for a simple traditional plait or a more modern take on the trend the braid is here to stay.

Having extremely thick hair myself I am lucky that I can do pretty much anything with it. Growing up with frizzy, thick, ginger hair was an absolute nightmare! I didn’t have a clue what to do with it. How do you tame something that resembles a cross between a lions mane and a poodle? You may laugh at the image you have in your head right now, but I’m not joking.


This pretty much sums up my natural hair. If you didn’t think a ginger afro was possible, think again. Thankfully I have a great sense of humour and now a good understanding on how to tame the beast. Apparently this season frizz is back – a bonus for me and my mane. Its not about the smooth sleek finish any more, so grab the salt spray and add some texture to your hair.

My lovely friend Sarah is my personal hair guru. She just has this natural gift with hair, the type of person that can look at a complicated style and replicate it without even trying. Very envious of her natural ability but extremely thankful that she loves playing about with my hair.


(Me and Sarah a few days ago)

The other evening we were having a girlie catch up which turned into a mass hairstyle trial session. I wanted to share these hairstyles with you as I fell in love with them and will definitely be trying and including them in my future looks. First Sarah blow-dried and straightened my hair, which is a challenge in itself. Also excuse the lack of hairspray/stray bits of hair but as we were just doing one style after another I didn’t want to put a ridiculous amount of product in my hair.

A Dutch Braid

Anyone who has seen the Disney film frozen will understand my train of thought here – this hairstyle reminds me of the character Elsa. The long braid is very structured yet wearable in any situation.



Waterfall Braid

The waterfall is so simple but turns a normal hairstyle into something with interest. 


Added Ladder Braid

Including a ladder braid underneath the waterfall braid adds another dimension to the style.


Added Twisted Sectioned Barrel Bun

The addition of the twisted barrel bun here makes this hairstyle pop. The best part for me is that the barrel bun is slightly messy yet really secure, meaning this style is perfect for a damp windy day as you don’t have to worry about it looking perfect.


Rope Twist Braid

Sometimes known as a crown braid. I find this hairstyle very romantic, almost like it was inspired by a fairytale. This isn’t your everyday pop to the shops style but it would certainly make a statement with any outfit that it is paired with.



I know it isn’t a plait but I had to include it as it’s my personal favourite….

Barrel Bun

I LOVE this. Very sophisticated but not over the top – It is definitely a style that lets the simplicity do the talking.




You have to admit that Sarah is VERY clever. 

So take note… the plait trend is hot right now and I would jump on the bandwagon. It is one of the only trends that can be adapted for any hair type.

What shall I do with my hair next? Any ideas?

Brit Award Fashion

Last night the Brit Awards came onto our screens once again. The Brits are musics equivalent to the Oscars, everyone who is anyone in the music world wants to dress to impress and stand out from the crowd. As a massive music fan of course I tune in to follow who wins what award but I love seeing the many artists parading up and down the red carpet.

One of the main reasons that I find Brit fashion so captivating, the celebrities aren’t afraid of taking a risk. The ceremony is still glamorous but always has a fashion edge.The red carpet is a battle of the stylists. Who can stand out the most?

Here are some celebrity styles that I LOVE


You cannot deny that Ella looks amazing – her dress is classically timeless but still has that ‘cool’ factor. I have some serious hair and makeup envy right now. The word flawless comes to mind.


With some of musics biggest names on the red carpet I am so glad that we saw some rock influenced styles last night. 

Once again the Once Direction boys get top marks on the style front. I think that Daisy Lowe and Nicole Scherzinger deserve some style recognition as well. So many people have slated both female outfits, but personally I commend them for trying something different. I love the dark sexy edge it gives them, a win in my opinion. 

Now for the bad… brace yourselves.



Oh Laura. I really do think its time to get a new stylist. First it was that strange dress at the BAFTA’s now this dreadful ruffled number. Sorry but nothing about this outfit works for me.

Kylie seems to have turned up in a pvc bin bag. Very strange. However you cannot say she doesn’t have a cracking body at 45 though?

My worst outfit award – Myleene Class. Congratulations. This swimsuit, granny knicker, see through dress combo is not a good look. 

This next outfit is the one that EVERYONE has been talking about. 



I am a massive fan of Julien Macdonald and this catsuit is no exception. He creates daring yet beautiful pieces that show off the women that wear them. The problem I have with this outfit is the way Jessie is wearing it, the lavender lipstick. NO. As attention seeking as this outfit is you have to reward Jessie’s bravery. She took a risk and unfortunately it didn’t quite pay off.

From the weird makeup choices to the fashion hits the Brit Awards this year were certainly exciting. Who knows what will happen next year but I cannot wait!

I will leave you on a fashion bombshell.



She went from my best dressed to this. Oh how it all changes. 

Who was your best dressed this year?

Scrunchie Denial

Today I saw someone wearing a scrunchie. Yes you read that right. A SCRUNCHIE!

As much as I love a good throwback outfit I cannot come to terms with them ever coming back in fashion. I’m calling it scrunchie denial. They should be one of the accessories that we all look back on, laugh and never mention again.







(and breathe)

So put those elasticated monstrosities away girls and remember that Carrie Bradshaw once told us that no self-respecting woman would be caught dead running around in a scrunchie.

Please tell me that I am not the only one that thinks that the scrunchie should stay in our loving memories along with velour tracksuits and bumbags?

Airport Style

Packing your suitcase for a holiday is easy but I find it really challenging trying to decide what I am going to wear to the airport.

Comfort and style. Two words you would never usually hear in the same sentence. Flying is uncomfortable and tiresome but you have to remember you are still in public. The amount of times I’ve seen people parading around in tracksuits, onesies and even slippers I just want to scream. I’m not saying we have to go back to the time where your airport look was just as glamorous as the red carpet but please, have some pride – people can see you! This is where the dilemma stems from… is it possible to find the right balance between fashion and comfort? 

My classic go-to airport outfit is usually a cute dress teamed with leggings and stylish flats or boots. For extra warmth I throw on a long cardigan or jacket to add some additional layers. I am a great believer that a jacket can change a whole outfit turning a dreary look into something that is timelessly sleek.

One thing that I never travel without is a scarf – a scarf is an essential accessory in my wardrobe within seconds it can transform any dull outfit. They are great for adding texture or colour to an outfit but most importantly it doubles up as a blanket. There is nothing worse than being cold on a long flight. As you can see I have plenty to choose from:


Jeans or leggings are a great staple for any airport outfit, whilst being extremely comfortable the key thing about them is that they will never go out of fashion. If you look at most jetsetter celebrities the majority of them opt to wear classic pieces in dark tones that can be layered to create a warm yet stylish look. 

Take a look at these celebrities who have got airport style just right.








Men have travelling fashion SO easy! All they have to do is chuck on a pair of jeans, slim fit t-shirt, a nice jacket and some cool aviator sunglasses. Done. They walk through the airport looking unruffled and stylish.

Hopefully you take inspiration from these celebrities that get their airport fashion right time and time again. One thing I think everyone should remember when choosing your travelling outfit is that the airport isn’t the runway, but you’re not in the comfort of your own home either. Find the balance and KEEP IT SIMPLE. The key to sophistication is simplicity, layer dark tones but make sure you add either texture or a pop of colour to ensure the final outfit isn’t bland. 

Whether you are planning a holiday or already have an amazing adventure booked make sure you have a think about what you are going to wear to the airport. Remember that simplicity is key – think comfort mixed with style and please make sure you don’t wear this…



Just one more thing.

Rebecca and Matthew have an amazing travelling blog, check it out:




My Nail Polish Diary by Nails Inc

The Nails Inc polish diary was available at John Lewis and obviously I had to have it. I basically dived at the shelves when I saw that it was on sale, half price. The bonus of shopping in the January, from £42 down to £21. Anyone who is a fan of Nails Inc knows how much of a bargain that is for 12 full size polishes.

I will start by saying how beautifully packaged it is, the sparkling box is mesmerising and very stylish.


In the diary there are a range of plain colours, effect polishes and a quick drying top coat.


January: Kensington Caviar Top Coat. Shiny clear finish.

February: St Martin’s Lane. Dark wine gloss.

March: Baker Street. Bright cobalt blue gloss.

April: Sloane Avenue. Bright pink/coral gloss.

May: Fulham Palace Gardens. Sprinkle effect.

June: Chester. Feather effect.

July: Notting Hill Gate. Neon pink gloss.

August: Fleet Street. Nude matt leather effect.

September: Electric Lane. Silver glitter top coat.

October: Belgravia Place. Red glitter top coat.

November: South Kensington. Shiny silver matt.

December: Knightsbridge Road. Gold glitter top coat.


From left to right: Sloane Avenue, Chester, South Kensington, Belgravia Park and Fleet Street.

I can honestly say I am really impressed with the quality of these polishes. They are so easy to apply and last a lot longer than others I have used in the past. I would say that if you want a polish that has a fantastic finish then go for Nails Inc or OPI – some might say they are expensive, but they are well worth it.

The plain coloured gloss polishes have a extremely smooth application, they are really pigmented so you only need one or two coats to create a flawless vivid colour. 

One great bonus about this set is the amount of effects that comes with it, there is something for every occasion and can be as simple or bold as you want. Fleet Street aka the leather effect is my least favourite from the diary. You cannot add a top coat otherwise the effect will disappear and the nail will change to a gloss tan. Not being able to add a top coat means that the polish isn’t as long lasting and that is a major downside for me. However I would still use this polish for a night out or a special occasion, it’s just not something I would wear every day otherwise I would have to reapply every five minutes. Another thing I should mention about Fleet Street, I was expecting the polish to have a matt finish. How wrong was I… the complete opposite in fact. It has a textured feel almost like when you paint your nails of a night time then fall asleep and when you wake it has a crumpled texture indented in the nail, well that’s the only way I can describe the finish on the Fleet Street polish. 


From left to right: Fleet Street, Belgravia Park, South Kensington, Chester.

Chester was the polish that I was most eager to try. I’ve never seen or heard of the feather effect so I was keen to see type of finish it would have. The Chester polish in my opinion has more of a sprinkle effect than a feather one, the best representation I can think of is to compare it to the hundreds and thousand sprinkles you would put on cakes. In the above photos I have used 3 layers to create a solid build up of colour and texture which makes the nail really vivid and unique. I wanted to see what it was like with a base colour underneath, here’s how it turned out.


Base colour – Baker Street. Top effect – Chester.

I think the Chester polish is my favourite effect from the diary, something completely different that makes my nails stand out from the usual gloss colour. The effects that you get within this pack are really versatile, you can build them up with various coats to create textured finishes or layer them over a base colour for a more subtle yet individual look.

Overall I am extremely happy with the Nails Inc Diary, 12 great quality polishes for £21. I would urge anyone who loves a good nail colour to head to John Lewis ASAP! 



It’s Become An Addiction

I admit it. I’m a nail varnish addict.

My fascination started whilst at my very first job. A boring mundane coffee shop, working part time whilst at school. The uniform consisted of standard white shirts and black trousers with dull brown aprons. For someone who has always loved colour you can see why I hated this uniform. Run of the mill, zero personality – BLAND. Whilst I couldn’t do anything about my unexciting uniform I could inject a bit of colour into my nails, this is where my ‘nail queen’ reputation started to form. 

My varnish collection has built up ever since, it is starting to become a bit obsessive really.


See? I just can’t help it.

Be warned.. more nail themed posts/reviews to come in the future. 

Has Downton Abbey inspired the world of fashion?

The aristocratic Crawley family have been grasping our attention since the first episode aired in 2010. If you are a fan (like myself) you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Downton Abbey.

It is no secret that I am completely obsessed with this elegant period drama that has taken the nation by storm. As an absolute fashion nut I am mesmerised by the stunning costumes. Sunday night comes around, myself and my friend Becky are engrossed in admiration, ‘If only we could dress like that for one day’. Even if you are not a fan of the drama filled script you cannot deny how fundamentally beautiful each character looks.  

My question to you. Has Downton Abbey inspired the world of fashion?

My blunt answer, yes. However I think our passion for British fashion culture has always been around but it has now been highlighted to the masses. You don’t have to be an indulgent fashionista to appreciate authentic style. I am not surprised that the fashion world has gone mad for all things Downton, the popularity of the series has created an immediate demand for early 20th century fashion.

While the origins of this trend may be rooted in history, it has been interpreted with a little artistic flare to keep things up to date. I have focused on the details to bring the trend to life throughout my wardrobe: equestrian-style collars, pearls, silk, tweed, delicate lace, rich fabrics and of course empire waisted dresses. Below is one of my favourite shirts to wear at the moment. The ruffled collar gives an elegant, rich feel but isn’t overpowering. A very subtle take on the Downton trend.

Shirt: Lauren by Ralph Lauren




If you are looking for affordable, authentic pieces then I suggest heading to vintage shops or searching eBay. However with this being a key trend this season we are fortunate enough to find modern alternatives all over the high street. HOORAY!

It’s no wonder that Susannah Buxton (costume designer for the first two series) won an Emmy for the Downton costumes. I am ashamed to say I didn’t even noticed a change in costume design after series two. Usually if someone as key as a costumer designer is changed you would of thought a ‘Downton Geek’ like me would of noticed. So I must say I have a great amount of admiration for current costumer designer Caroline McCall, who clearly deserves to be recognised for her efforts as well.

How could you not be inspired by the regal, charming men and women of Downton?!







All photos from: www.itv.com/downtonabbey